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YES offers a range of workshops and activities which help provide holistic support, with focus on professional and leadership development and training for our youth with disabilities.

Working in a co-creative space, all our projects are co-created and co-delivered with youth with disabilities, which help keep YES services and support relevant and accessible to the needs of the disability community. Check out our latest news and workshops below…YES

Keeping Young People Digitally Safe at Shore Junction

One of our main priorities is keeping young people safe online while at Shore Junction. With our web filtering software we can choose to block certain websites and inappropriate content. Trusted adults and our youth workers do not want to be looking over the shoulders of our young people, but we do want to ensure their online safety, so our internet filtering provides a level of consistent online security.

We know that young people are so tech savvy they would test every aspect of the system, so we need to be one step ahead. The senior staff at Shore Junction get alerts on their phones if someone is trying to get around our web filters. Day one we had some young people try but our system is so sophisticated they gave up. They will try again and we need to ensure we are ready. Our aim is to always be one step ahead.

We used the following criteria for determining the right solution for Shore Junction. The equipment needs to:

  • be highly reliable and easy for members and visitors to access
  • be remotely manageable, as the support person may not be onsite
  • have the ability to properly protect our members’ privacy
  • provide content filtering for things like pornography, violence, etc
  • provide bandwidth limiting based on application (e.g. people using YouTube don’t saturate the network bandwidth)
  • provide isolated wireless networks for the entrepreneurs in residence or staff
  • reduce the impact of malware on the network (e.g. someone tries to spread a virus on the network)
  • allow Shore Junction to host events with 200+ attendees all using Wifi
  • handle future internet speed requirements (1Gbps+).

For Shore Junction, we have chosen two main networking equipment suppliers: Fortinet & Aruba. Both suppliers are recognised for the quality and functionality of their hardware and software, and their support services.