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(09) 414 5360

A.R.M.S. Auckland Regional Migrant Services Charitable Trust

Ph: 09 625 2440

Email: reception@arms-mrc.org.nz

Website: https://settlement.org.nz

Address: ARMS Three Kings Centre 532 Mt Albert Road Three Kings Plaza (we are located inside the Plaza) Mt Roskill, Auckland

ARMS is Auckland’s specialist settlement support agency, providing  targeted programmes for skilled migrants, international students, other work visa holders,  former refugees and their families. Our programmes and services are delivered in several locations across Auckland.

Since 2003, our dedicated staff, volunteers and community partners have provided specialist settlement, orientation, training and employment services for over 30,000 clients.

ARMS staff collaborates closely with Auckland’s service providers and community groups.  We organise Local Settlement Networks, Settlement Network Steering Groups, a Regional Settlement Support Network, and a Regional Settlement Support Steering Group.

ARMS Mission: To provide quality leadership in facilitating the successful settlement of newcomers, economic empowerment of communities, and intercultural respect.

Current Strategic Directions (2015-18):

  1. Enhance our regional co-ordination role across agencies and service providers.
  2. Grow our effectiveness in community development through capacity building, collaboration and collective impact.
  3. Increase our portfolio of products and services for newcomers, community groups and providers.
  4. Strengthen the value of our leadership and advocacy role

We run several free and low cost workshops and events for migrants and ethnic communities.

The full list is below. To register for a workshop or event, please click here.

New Zealand Education System: Information Workshop

In this interactive workshop by experts from the Ministry of Education and Auckland Libraries explains:

  • The New Zealand education system, including school zones and enrolling  your child in school
  • Early Childhood Education, Primary, Education and Secondary Education.
  • Cost: Free

The New Zealand Health System, Water and Fire Safety: Information Workshop

This workshop covers relevant information on:

Cost: Free

Tenancy and Home Ownership: Information Workshop

A helpful presentation by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and a real estate agents on:

  • Renting, flatting and boarding
  • Choosing what and where to buy
  • The process of buying a house
  • Saving for a deposit and getting a home loan
  • Government assistance for first home buyers

Cost: Free

Budgeting and Financial Systems in New Zealand: Information Workshop

This workshop covers:

  • Budgeting
  • Retirement planning and the KiwiSaver scheme
  • Assessing your financial resources, investing, asset protection and financial    security in NZ
  • Reading tax summaries, doing tax returns, calculating & paying the right tax, tax credits and tax refunds
  • “Working for Families” tax credit

Cost: Free

Legal Rights and Responsibilities in New Zealand

This workshop covers:

  • Consumer rights
  • Tenancy rights
  • Employment rights
  • Resolving neighborhood disputes
  • Community safety

Cost: Free

Treaty of Waitangi Education Workshop for Newcomers

  • Explore the history of the Treaty of Waitangi, New Zealand’s founding document
  • Discover what the Treaty means to you as a newcomer to New Zealand
  • Learn what the Treaty actually says, and what happened after it was signed
  • Practice responding to job interview questions about the Treaty of Waitangi

Cost: $15 (participants are awarded a Certificate of Participation)

*You can also purchase a Treaty of Waitangi Work Book and CD, which are useful resources to help you understand the Treaty, by clicking here.

Immigration Information Workshop

This workshop covers:

  • Rights and obligations of holding a residence visa. The options and restrictions beyond.
  • Visa expiry and unlawful stay in NZ.
  • How INZ decides immigration applications.
  • Where to find the right information, who can assist, in what way and how much would it cost
  • Other immigration bodies – Immigration Protection Tribunal, the High Court and beyond.

Cost: $10

Parenting in a New Culture

  • Laws safeguarding children and young people
  • NZ’s health system for children and families
  • Agencies that can support and assist  you to raise  a happy  and healthy family in New  Zealand

Cost: Free

Driving Information

This workshop covers:

  • Driving licenses and road rules (Auckland Transport)
  • Road safety and driving laws (NZ Police)
  • Child vehicle safety (Plunket and ADHB)
  • Car insurance (Insurance Council of New Zealand)
  • Legal rights of motorists (Auckland Community Law Centre

Cost: $10

Top Tips for Settlement in Auckland

Are you new to Auckland? Have you been feeling a little overwhelmed? Do you need specific services? You are  not alone!  Come and join us at the Top Tips for Settlement in Auckland workshop to rejuvenate your enthusiasm.

  • Find out how you can access services to better assist your settlement in Auckland.
  • Find out what your local board does for you and how to engage with them.
  • Understand more fully the emotional aspects of settling in a new country.
  • Listen to people who have been  migrants themselves and get some  tips from them.

Cost: TBC

ARMS Regional Bus Tour

ARMS Regional Bus Tour takes migrants popular and important locations across Auckland, helping newcomers understand the geography of the city.

See the city’s best attractions:

  • Auckland Botanic Gardens
  • Auckland Museum      
  • Takapuna Beach
  • Arataki Visitor Centre (Waitakere Ranges)
  • A brief stop at Skycity for photos


  • Enjoy a picnic lunch provided by PAK’nSAVE

Cost: $20 for adults, $10 for children


Professional Speaking Course for Migrants

Learn how to:

Communicate professionally and confidently in meetings and job interviews

  • Make speeches, such as introducing a speaker at an event
  • Communicate confidently with groups, prospective employers and Kiwi colleagues in an engaging way
  • Develop and present talks using PowerPoint.

Duration: Seven sessions, two hours per session

Cost: $170 including GST


ARMS English Pronunciation

To perform at your best in the workplace, you need to communicate easily and effectively with other people.  This English Pronunciation training will help you achieve this, through face-to-face group and individual coaching.

  • Coaching to hear and use subtle aspects of speech and pronunciation e.g. Changes of pitch and rhythm, correct vowel length and consonant sound quality.
  • Help with correct pronunciation, illustrated through the practice of particular words, sentences, conversations and interview practice.
  • Materials are of the highest quality.
  • A strong focus on developing clear articulation e.g. how to adjust mouth and tongue movements to pronounce English sounds correctly

Duration: Four sessions, two hours each session

Cost: $130, including GST, all participant materials and Certificate of Participation.

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