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Mentoring for Young People with Disabilities: 'Linking Potential With Success...'

Like the climbing tool it’s named after, the Carabiner mentoring programme supports young people with disabilities to reach the pinnacle of their lives by hooking them up with adult mentors who have expertise in their area of interest.  

Participants (mentorees) need to be aged 17-24 years and to demonstrate vision, passion about their goal and perserverance. This goal may be recreational, academic, social (gaining confidence) or in business.  Mentors may or may not have a disability as the important link is the shared interest and the introduction to a new network that can support the young person with his or her dream. 


What We Do

Carabiner and our mentors help participants achieve their goals – and have fun – by connecting them with information, advice, opportunities, challenges, and support.

We focus on ability not disability.  We give young people with disabilites the support and guidance they need to achieve their dreams, have a sense of belonging and increase their independence. 


Our Process 

The Carabiner programme includes the following elements:




About Being a Young Person on Carabiner (Mentoree)

By being a mentoree you will:


About Being a Mentor

There are many benefits to being a mentor. They include:

For more details on how to be apart of the Carabiner Mentoring Programme, please contact:

Vanessa Kneebone
09 414 5360


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