Complaints Procedure

Complaints Policy

Yes Disability take any complaint seriously and this policy ensures all complaints are dealt with in a timely and culturally sensitive manner and in compliance with applicable legislation.

This policy applies to all Yes Disability participants, clients, supports or partners and staff.

Our Guiding Principles:

• Yes Disability strive to deliver the best service in which all involved are respected and safe.

• Yes Disability work to a continuous improvement model within all its activities.

• Yes Disability staff work to Ara Taiohi’s Youth Work Code of Ethics.

• Yes Disability abide by Child Safe obligations in the commitment to ensure the wellbeing and safety of young participants.

YES Policy

Yes Disability will take steps to ensure that participants, client’s partners and supporters are aware of their rights and how to go about making a complaint, and that staff are aware of their responsibilities. 

A complaint may be made in writing (by email, letter) or verbally.

The following procedure must be followed in every instance:

  • The Complaints Policy and Form is available on the Yes Disability Website (see below).

  • A complaint may be raised by anyone who is receiving, or has received, a service from Yes Disability, or a person they have given consent to act on their behalf.

  • The person making the complaint must be treated with respect and sensitivity and encouraged to be open about their concerns. All staff must ensure that complainants are not discriminated against because of making a complaint.

Complaints Process

  1. A complaint is to be received in writing at any time after discussing with a staff member or via completing the complaints form and sending it to a member of staff or their manager.

  2. An appropriate Yes Disability staff member or manager will assess the complaint.

  3. A Manager will acknowledge the receipt of the complaint within two working days. If it can be resolved, they will inform the complainant of the result. If it needs further time to investigate, they will inform the complainant of the estimate timeframe and process.

  4. The complaint should be resolved within 30 working days with the complainant satisfied with the outcome.

  5. If complainant is not satisfied, they can refer the complaint to the CEO. The CEO will then keep the complainant informed of the progress of investigation and final outcomes.

  6. All stages will be documented on the original complaints form and filed in the complaints folder.

Yes Disability Complaints Form

Yes Disability pride ourselves on delivering the best service and programming. If, however, you have a complaint or critical feedback, we welcome the opportunity to hear your concerns and attempt to remedy the situation.

1. My Details
2. My concerns are in regard to: (please tick all that apply)
3. Describe your concern(s) - (who, what and where in as much detail as well as any recommendations for improvements)

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