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Elevate your potential; inspiration, motivation, connection

Welcome to Empowered, a groundbreaking program designed specifically for disabled individuals aged 18ish-28ish. Have you ever imagined achieving your wildest dreams and feeling an incredible sense of fulfillment?

It’s time to break free from uncertainty and self-doubt. Empowered is here to guide you on an awesome journey towards realising your full potential. Whether you’re unsure of your next steps, wanting to gain confidence, or held back by the fear of failure / fear of rejection, this program is designed for you. It’s time to embrace the power within you and unlock the doors to a future that reflects a life of inspiration, motivation and connection. With Empowered, your dreams are within reach.

We believe that even the smallest words can ignite tremendous actions. Throughout your time with Empowered:

  • You’ll be continuously inspired by powerful stories and experiences, fuelling your drive to achieve greatness.
  • Gain access to invaluable tools, tips, tricks, and resources that will empower you to never give up on your
    dreams, pushing you towards even more extraordinary accomplishments.
  • You’ll become part of a vibrant community, united by shared aspirations. Together, we’ll hold each other accountable, share our journeys, and celebrate excellence.

How Empowered Works

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  1. Submit your application
  2. Meet Criteria
  3. Keynote / workshop one: Dream big achieve more (2 days / 1 night in Auckland)
  4. Keynote / workshop two: Turning Rejection Into Affection (2 days / 1 night location to be advised)
  5. Keynote / workshop three: Bend Perception Eliminate Assumption (2 days / 1 night location to be advised)
  6. Keynote / workshop four: Life for awesome (2 days / 1 night location to be advised)
  7. Graduation Certificate
  8. Participants can be based anywhere in New Zealand
  9. All travel and accommodation costs are covered by the program
  10. Elevated potential
  1. Submit your application
  2. Meet Criteria
  3. Keynote / workshop one: Dream big achieve more (2 days / 1 night in Auckland)
  4. Keynote / workshop two: Turning Rejection Into Affection (2 days / 1 night location to be advised)
  5. Keynote / workshop three: Bend Perception Eliminate Assumption (2 days / 1 night in Queenstown)
  6. Keynote / workshop 4: Life for awesome (2 days / 1 night in Wellington)
  7. Graduation Certificate
  8. Participants can be based anywhere in New Zealand
  9. All travel and accommodation costs are covered by the program
  10. Elevated potential

Description of workshops

Dream Big Achieve more: We’re here to show you the secrets, tips, and amazing examples that will help you reach your true potential. Your dreams are like the blueprints for your goals, and when you set your mind to them, incredible opportunities will unfold before you. What you decide to do with those opportunities is all up to you! We want you to share your dreams, speak about them, and invest your heart and mind in making them come true. Remember, we truly believe that “impossible is nothing” (thank you, Adidas!), and we want you to know that you have the incredible power to make any dream you can imagine come to life. So let’s embark on this wonderful journey together, where you’ll discover that the world is yours to create!

Turning rejection into affection: On our exciting journey, we sometimes face rejection, discover amazing talents, and learn to stay committed to our dreams. These things—rejection, potential, commitment—can shape who we think we are. But what if we need to let go of an identity that no longer helps us grow? How can we become the person we truly want to be, even if others doubt us? And most importantly, how can we love and believe in ourselves? These are big questions, and we’re here to help you find the answers. Join us on a magical adventure of turning rejection into a passion that makes your heart shine! Together, we’ll uncover your incredible potential and learn how to embrace the love and joy that are meant just for you.

Bend perception and eliminate assumption: Did you know that the most powerful speech in the whole wide world is the one that lies within you? We believe in the incredible strength of storytelling to show who we are, connect with others, and embrace our unique selves. That’s why, in this special part of “Empowered,” we’re here to help you put your story into a speech. This speech can do wonders! It can boost your confidence and help you discover your true identity. It can open doors to personal growth and even help you shine in your professional journey. By crafting your speech, you’ll gain a stronger sense of who you are, feel proud of your accomplishments, and stay motivated to achieve your dreams. And guess what? Professionally, this skill is highly sought after and valued! With just a little bit of time and effort, you can learn a skill that can enhance your life more than you can imagine. So let’s embark on this exciting adventure together, where you’ll unleash the power of your story and make the world brighter with your words!

Live for Awesome: Our greatest achievements don’t come from what we do on our own. They come from how we learn, grow, and empower the lives of others. As we near the end of this incredible program, get ready for a massive dose of awesomeness! You see, “AWESOME” is a special word made up of a little bit of “WE” and some of “ME.” Let’s dive into this concept together. By following this model, you’ll discover your unique strengths as an individual and as part of a fantastic group. We’ll also boost your resilience and help you create, recreate, or reimagine a project that will allow you to give back to others. So get ready to unleash your awesomeness


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Elevate your potential with Empowered!

Enjoy your Awesomeness

Abi Prat

Meet Abi, a vibrant and ambitious member of the Empowered alumni community! Abi joined Empowered with a thirst for a fresh perspective on her goals, and boy, did she find it! As a natural leader herself, Abi’s main mission was to discover how she could empower others and help them achieve their dreams—talk about true inspiration! Passionate about horses and their ability to help people with disabilities, Abi set her sights on leaping over a whopping 70cm hurdle. This accomplishment which she nailed enabled her to embark on a thrilling horse riding and coaching course. But Abi’s aspirations didn’t stop there; she dreamed of creating her very own riding school, where she could empower young riders with disabilities through her coaching. Throughout her journey at Empowered, Abi experienced unexpected surprises that were just AWESOME! From soaring through the skies for the first time alongside her trusty assistant, Rosie, to exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Queenstown, and even crafting her very own speech, Abi’s Empowered experience was filled with awe-inspiring moments and in the next year she’s off to speak in New York City. So, watch out world—Abi is armed with determination, passion, and an unwavering commitment to empower others on their own unique journeys to greatness!

Lavinia Lovo

Let’s meet Lavinia, an extraordinary member of the Empowered alumni family! When she first joined Empowered, Lavinia was feeling a little lost amidst the hustle and bustle of life. She had always been driven, but distractions seemed to pull her focus in every direction. Determined to break free from this cycle, Lavinia set herself a goal: she wanted to conquer her fear of public speaking and deliver a powerful speech. With the magic of manifestation and by embracing the invaluable lessons learned at Empowered, Lavinia transformed her dream into reality. Passionate about working with young individuals and witnessing their incredible achievements, Lavinia discovered that sometimes, her tendency to “overthink” would overwhelm her. However, she refused to let that hold her back. Lavinia took a leap of faith and spoke at the prestigious IDL conference—an international event that left her awe-struck. As she received a thunderous standing ovation, Lavinia realized, with a beaming smile, that she had absolutely smashed her goal! Throughout her Empowered journey, Lavinia confronted moments of self-doubt and imposter syndrome, but she discovered the power of shifting her mindset and shedding limiting beliefs. From writing down a goal to “tick a box” to opening her eyes to new possibilities and empowering her to help others take the lead in their own lives. Lavinia is proof that when you break free from self-imposed limitations, the world becomes your playground of endless opportunities!

Chelsea Taylor

Let’s meet Chelsea, a radiant and determined member of the Empowered alumni squad! When Chelsea joined Empowered, she had a handful of ambitious goals in mind: to compete in sports, secure employment, discover a fulfilling hobby, and boost her confidence. As someone who faces extraordinary challenges, Chelsea has encountered her fair share of rejection along the way. But at Empowered, she learned the incredible art of “turning rejection into affection,” which will be a powerful tool in building her self-assurance. Embracing her journey, Chelsea relished in the opportunity to break free from her comfort zone and truly shine. With her camera in hand, Chelsea found excitement in her passion for photography, capturing awesome moments throughout her travels with Empowered. As she explored new places, Chelsea discovered the world through her lens and unlocked her creative spirit. Empowered helped Chelsea spread her wings, empowering her to overcome obstacles, embrace her unique talents, and conquer any doubts that once held her back. With a newfound zest for life and a collection of awe-inspiring photographs, Chelsea’s Empowered experience has become a testament to her unwavering strength and determination. And who knows? With Chelsea’s positive attitude and infectious passion, she may just inspire others to see the world through a lens of endless possibilities!

Jordan Kareroa

Jordan, a truly awesome member of the Empowered alumni crew! Despite facing some significant challenges that prevented him from traveling with us, we made sure to tailor an experience that delivered the development he signed up for. Jordan aims to give so much to the Youth & Disability sector, radiating passion and a desire to be the best leader that he can be. Throughout his Empowered journey, Jordan harnessed new skills that skyrocketed his independence, allowing him to craft a speech that beautifully captured the essence of his life. With newfound confidence, he fearlessly shares his story with young people seeking a boost in confidence. Empowered opened doors for Jordan that he never thought possible, propelling him towards opportunities he once could not see. Building meaningful insights along the way, Jordan discovered fresh avenues to make a positive impact on his community. His Empowered experience has transformed him into a beacon of inspiration, reminding us all that even in the face of adversity, we have the power to rise above, make a difference and spread awesomeness wherever we go!

Sarah Clarke

Sarah is an absolutely awesome member of the Empowered alumni family! Throughout her Empowered journey, Sarah embodied the quote, “Life’s greatest moments and deepest connections exist outside your comfort zone.” As a rising leader, Sarah’s path led her to the incredible iLEAD conference in 2021, where she was introduced to both YES (Yes Disability Resource Centre) and Empowered. The word YES resonated deeply with Sarah during her time at iLEAD, as she interpreted it as “saying yes to new opportunities.” And boy, did Sarah embrace that mindset wholeheartedly! She courageously stepped outside her comfort zone, saying YES to experiences that stretched her limits and prepared her for her ultimate dream of moving overseas. Sarah firmly believes that opportunities come knocking on our doors every day, and while it’s easy to say NO, the true greatness and awesomeness lie in saying YES. Passionate about making spaces more accessible for everyone, Sarah works tirelessly with organizations dedicated to inclusivity. And that’s not all—Sarah accomplished her physical goals identified during her initial session with Empowered, proving that with determination, anything is possible. In the process, Sarah discovered her love for public speaking and will be pursuing this passion even further. She fearlessly said YES to speaking at the ‘Disabilities Pathways Inclusive’ conference, inspiring others with her powerful words. Sarah’s story reminds us all to step outside our comfort zones, embrace opportunities, and unlock the incredible awesomeness that awaits us on the other side!

Jaden Movold

Jaden Movold, an absolute powerhouse and an alumni of Empowered, has taken life by storm with his awe-inspiring journey. As a former Deputy Head Boy of Rangitoto College, the largest secondary school in New Zealand, Jaden has always been a beacon of inspiration. A lifelong athlete, he has conquered more triathlons before the age of 19 than most people do in a lifetime. His story has captured the attention of the media, and he proudly champions the cause of inclusive sport.

When Jaden joined Empowered, he was seeking a new goal to focus on. Through networking and recognizing the power of his own story, it became clear to him that he could refine how he shares his journey and use it to inspire others. Whether it’s connecting with university students, engaging with potential sponsors, or speaking at events that seek inspiration, Jaden’s life and attitude have become a powerful source of motivation and connection.

In his sport, Jaden is now regularly competing on the international stage, pushing himself to reach his ultimate goal of participating in the Paralympics. Empowered has given him the confidence to approach new opportunities, leading to the acquisition of a new sponsor. Jaden also benefits from working with a sports psychologist funded through Empowered, enhancing his mental strength and resilience.

Throughout his time on Empowered, Jaden has had a blast, forming connections with numerous amazing individuals and creating unforgettable memories. His favorite quote, shared by the legendary Michael Jordan, perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Empowered: “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” Jaden understands the power of collaboration and how Empowered inspires teamwork among its participants.

Jaden Movold is a shining example of how an awesome attitude and determination can lead to incredible achievements.

Natt Mclean

Natt, the incredible alumni of Empowered residing in Palmerston North, is a true force when it comes to networking with disabled individuals and seeking ways to enhance their lives. She is a passionate supporter of the young people in her local community, finding immense joy in witnessing their growth. Natt encapsulates her experience with Empowered and the impact it had on her with a fantastic acronym: AWESOME, which stands for Achieving Worthwhile Experiences and having Some Ordinary Manna Enhancing Experiences. Goal setting and self-reflection were Natt’s jam during her time on Empowered. She relished the opportunity to set meaningful goals and carve out time to reflect on her progress. Natt understood the importance of giving her goals 100% of her attention, and the workshops provided her with the perfect platform to do so. Through her Empowered journey, Natt gained a valuable perspective – she discovered that she is not just a participant, but a teacher, a leader, and a builder of community and capability. Natt’s enthusiasm, dedication, and ability to make a positive impact on the lives of others are truly awe-inspiring. She embodies the spirit of Empowered and continues to uplift those around her with her unwavering commitment to achieving worthwhile experiences and enhancing lives.

Siobhan Terry

Siobhan, the awesome alumni of Empowered, is a true embodiment of passion and determination. While she loves sports, she understands that it doesn’t define who she is. As the youngest of seven siblings, an aunt, a friend, and a coach, Siobhan’s identity extends far beyond the realm of sports. During her Empowered workshop on ‘values’, she re-discovered the power of gratitude, and today, it resonates with her deeply. Gratitude, for Siobhan, is more than a simple “thank you.” It encompasses everything behind those words.

Coming into Empowered, Siobhan had already achieved remarkable milestones: finishing school, graduating from her degree, securing a job, and excelling in her sport. With a strong drive for goals, she sought to identify “What’s Next” on her journey. While sharing her goals out loud sometimes made her apprehensive, she realised the power of turning “what if this doesn’t happen” into “what if I do achieve it.” Siobhan perceives life as a series of stepping stones leading towards her ultimate goal of reaching the Paralympics. But for her, it’s not solely about the competition; it’s about the entire journey, the experiences, the confidence she gains and the people she encounters along the way.

Her favorite quote, “When life is sweet, say thank you and celebrate. When life is bitter-sweet, say thank you and grow,” encapsulates her outlook on life. Siobhan embraces gratitude and continuously seeks personal growth, even in the face of challenges.

With her unwavering commitment and infectious enthusiasm, Siobhan reminds us all to express gratitude, embrace growth, and celebrate every step along our unique paths.

Abdulla Shiblaq

Abdulla, the awesome alumni of Empowered, is a people person through and through. His genuine passion for helping others was evident when he went out of his way to assist a fellow participant in Queenstown. In Auckland, he takes the lead in iDRIVE, a program dedicated to supporting young people with disabilities in obtaining their driver’s licenses. The independence and sense of achievement this brings to these individuals is absolutely monumental! Abdulla has accomplished so much in his life, from graduating and working to actively participating in his local youth council and more recently iLEAD. During his time in Empowered, it wasn’t just about figuring out what comes next; it was about cultivating the confidence to lock in his goals and speak about them with unwavering belief. Abdulla recognizes the immense importance of mental health awareness in the disability sector. His personal mission is to empower individuals to enhance their mindsets, asking, “How can you change others’ perspectives towards you if you have a limiting perspective of yourself?” Through his own experiences and realities with disabilities, Abdulla knows firsthand how challenging it can be to find confidence. He believes that we all face obstacles, but it ultimately boils down to our perspectives and what we gain from these experiences. Abdulla champions self-care and has been accepted into a graduate diploma program called Mental Health Leadership, which he will begin in July 2023. Abdulla’s dedication to helping young people with disabilities see themselves in a positive light and prioritize their mental well-being is truly remarkable. His commitment to making a difference and enhancing the lives of others is awe-inspiring.

Lael Marshall

Lael, the awesome alumni of Empowered, may be shy, but she never backs down from giving her big goals a real shot at becoming a reality. During her time with Empowered, she set her sights on obtaining her restricted driver’s license, and guess what? She absolutely crushed that goal! Despite her initial doubts and past failures, Lael proved that with determination and perseverance, anything is possible. Standing triumphantly on the top stair of her local monument, she proudly proclaimed, “I passed!” Lael’s success serves as a shining example of what can be achieved when we refuse to let past setbacks define us. She believes wholeheartedly that just because we’ve failed once doesn’t mean we’re destined to fail again. This resilient mindset is truly inspiring and a testament to Lael’s unwavering spirit. In addition to her passion for driving, Lael has a keen eye for photography. She dreams of establishing a platform to showcase and sell her captivating shots, capturing the beauty and essence of the world through her lens. With her determination and talent, there’s no doubt that Lael will turn this aspiration into a remarkable reality. Lael’s journey of personal growth and accomplishment is a reminder to us all that even in the face of challenges and self-doubt, we have the power to overcome and achieve greatness. Her story is a beacon of hope and encouragement, as she not only encourages herself but also strives to inspire other young people to pursue their dreams and conquer their own hurdles. With her bright spirit and infectious enthusiasm, Lael is a true inspiration to all who have the pleasure of crossing paths with her.

Manrunui Davis

Marunui, the awesome alumni of Empowered, is a true music lover with an incredible singing talent. His passion for music is only matched by his unwavering dedication to helping others achieve their goals. As a valuable member of the team at the Yes Disability Resource Centre, Marunui consistently brings his unique brand of awesomeness to contribute to their mission. Not only does Marunui excel in his own musical pursuits, but he also uses his talents and experiences to support and uplift his fellow participants in the Empowered program. Whether it’s offering words of encouragement, sharing valuable insights, or lending a helping hand, Marunui is always there to ensure that everyone around him has the opportunity to be the best version of themselves.


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