Youth Services

YES is the only disability information service in New Zealand that focuses on youth with disabilities and learning differences.

All of our projects and programmes have been co-designed and co-delivered with youth leaders within the disability sector, to ensure we are creating the right environment for them and their peers to develop personally and professionally, ultimately allowing them to lead independent, thriving lives.

I.Lead Conference

The first I.LEAD Conference took place in September 2019 at Grand Hall, Parliament Building, Wellington.

It was a great opportunity for young people with disabilities from across New Zealand to come together, share experiences and be heard. They discussed and identified key barriers they faced in relation to accessibility and equality as a young person living with a disability in New Zealand.


The next I.LEAD Conference will take place on 14 & 15 September 2021 in Wellington.

If you would like to join the I.LEAD Committee and attend the 2021 I.Lead Conference, please get in touch with us today.

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