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YES offers a range of workshops and activities which help provide holistic support, with focus on professional and leadership development and training for our youth with disabilities.

Working in a co-creative space, all our projects are co-created and co-delivered with youth with disabilities, which help keep YES services and support relevant and accessible to the needs of the disability community. Check out our latest news and workshops below…YES

2020 is here!

For some it will be the year Harry and Megan left, Donald Trump was impeached and dare I say the New Zealand election. NOT FOR US. 2020 is the year Shore Junction opens, the dream becomes the reality; the supporters, funders and most importantly, young people see their vision standing proud and tall, refurbished and re purposed into “Shore Junction” Innovation Youth Space for Young People.

I have no idea how many times in the last three years I have said those words. With every fibre of my being, I, along with a few brave people have shared the story a thousand times, until the goal of having a youth innovation hub on the North Shore was realised. The old RSA in Takapuna became ours and the time for planning, dream and fundraising began.

This last six weeks I have been to Shore Junction almost every day of the week and sometimes twice a day. Every day I see a change: windows in, carpets down, wooden walls completed and the front of the building installed.

Two of the most emotional tours (I am a bit of a baby when it comes to Shore Junction) were with Ian Lim, Henry Pivac and Mae Everett. These incredible young people have given up hundreds of hours of their time to be part of the steering group and planning days. To watch them walk through to see the vision they have held onto so firmly, ensuring the voices of the young people were not just heard, but heard and the ideas implemented. They have kept us in a true co-design partnership.

The second, slightly teary moment was with Joan Finlayson. Those of you who know the AIMES Awards will know they were the idea of Ross Finlayson, Joan’s late husband. To be able to show Joan Shore Junction “Home of the AIMES awards winners” was a very special moment and gave me a sense that Ross’s dream continues to evolve.

And so this is it. We do still have some funding to raise, we do still have staff to employ, we do still have some hurdles to overcome, but, 2020 will be the year of Shore Junction…


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