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YES offers a range of workshops and activities which help provide holistic support, with focus on professional and leadership development and training for our youth with disabilities.

Working in a co-creative space, all our projects are co-created and co-delivered with youth with disabilities, which help keep YES services and support relevant and accessible to the needs of the disability community. Check out our latest news and workshops below…YES

Shore Junction’s first house mates

In 2020 you need many things and much support to be young, entrepreneurial and a changemaker; you need things like an affordable home base, people who believe in you, mentoring, a positive environment that supports you when things don’t quite go as planned – and most of all you need to be surrounded by people who believe in you.

Welcome to our first flatmates who will be moving into the Shore Junction incubator office space.

Led by young changemakers, Youth Arts New Zealand is an organisation that has taken strides toward facilitating inter-connectivity and opportunity for creative youth since its inception in December 2017.

Under the vision of AIMES Emerging Talent Award winner and founder Matthew Goldsworthy, Youth Arts New Zealand arose to acknowledge and combat a distinct lack of professional validation of creative arts within the current educational climate. Since then, the team has broadened its scope by reaching into a number of platforms and mediums through which youth creativity might be further encouraged.

With photographer/filmmaker Harrison Sugrue and scholarship psychology student Zak Devey on board, the new and consolidated vision of Youth Arts New Zealand heading into 2019 is for scale and infrastructure growth. With an ambassadorship programme in the works and a growing team set on providing creative educational resources for young artists, the passion that Youth Arts New Zealand brings to the table signals disruption for New Zealand’s creative culture.

The YANZ team encourages young people to share their creative dreams and projects, so that together we may make them a reality.

Our creative neighbourhood is set for change, and Youth Arts New Zealand stands at the helm in building a creatively conscious country for our youth to live in.

Shore Junction is delighted to partner with this amazing team. We look forward to working on events and having the young people at Shore Junction inspired to achieve great things. Welcome, welcome, welcome.

www.youtharts.co.nz Check them out!


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